When Pope Benedict XVI abdicated as the Supreme Pontiff and spiritual leader of the Catholic Church, the world press was very explicit in informing the public on how the selecting of a new pontiff was going to work. However, it failed to go into the political maneuverings that are brought into play by the Roman Curia and its most influential cardinals. What the news commentators didn't tell you was how separate coalitions comprised of cardinals from each continent would try to manipulate their particular candidates into the seat of Peter for various reasons. The princes' of the Church would no doubt be uncomfortable with admitting that the papal selection process works pretty much the same way as any other political election with candidates and their promoters vying for votes in order to win power. But when the College of  Cardinals select its leader, it's ostensibly accomplished with only the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. However, the novel A COUNTERFEIT PRIEST, which is based on Cross' screenplay by the same title, gives a different perspective to this esteemed spiritual selection.

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"A simple mistake with a folder, a set of priest’s robes, a forgotten prescription bottle, and a little forgery brings about changes that no one could have foreseen. "

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"Paul's writing technique is so visual that he places before the reader a story that seems to be happening as we read it."

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        "Cross is one of the best writers in this generation." 

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"Paul's writing technique is so visual that he places before the reader a story that seems to be happening as we read it." 


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   "I hope there's a sequel because the story is too good to end."


"Paul Cross has the gift  -  whether on the page  or on the screen - to make us stay with him every moment. "

             “Paul Cross has created an interesting, fast-paced novel set in the ancient confines of Vatican City.”

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